Research & Development

H3C has three R&D centers, located in Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen in China. Currently H3C has 2 testing centers in Beijing and Hangzhou.

H3C has filed more than 3000 patents since the company was established, among them, 85% are original invention patents.  H3C’s R&D operates completely on CommWare, the H3C proprietary network operating system software platform, which offers more than 6,000 features ranging from basic linking and transportation layers to service and application layers.

H3C is dedicated to Internet Protocol (IP) based techolology research and development.  Reflecting the networking trends of “open and convergence”, H3C initiated the IToIP architecture concept, which aims at building a secure and converged network infrastructure that integrates IP networking, security, IP storage and IP multi-media communications, to deliver various IT applications for customers. Under the IToIP architecture, H3C gears full product lines including LAN switches, routers, security, IP SAN, IP video conferencing, IP surveillance, WLAN and network management software. Today, H3C owns world’s most complete portfolio of LAN switches and enterprise routers, becomes second largest vendor for these two product lines.

In R&D operation, H3C adopts standard Integrated Product Development(IPD) process. IPD is the best industrial product development practice which enables market-orientated product development. IPD makes R&D procedures more controllable, efficient and cost-effective.

CMM means Capability Maturity Model which measures a software developer’s ability of progress management. H3C has adopts the CMM practice in its R&D for years, to guarantee the efficiency and quality of software development.