H3C S12500 Series Switches

The H3C S12500 DataCenter Cloud Core Switch Series is designed for cloud services data centers. It provides the following features:

·         CLOS+ multi-grade multi-plane architecture

·         Industry’s highest performance core switch with 768 line-speed 40G/100G interface per chassis

·         Integration of IRF2 (Intelligent Resilient Framework version 2), IRF3 (Intelligent Resilient Framework version 3) and MDC (Multi-tenant Device Context) to implement virtual resource pools

·         Distributed ingress buffers (200 ms) to accommodate burst traffic in data centers

·         Independent control, detection, and maintenance engines to implement 50ms failover and powerful control capabilities

·         The S12500 switch series includes S12508, S12518, S12510-X, S12516-X, 12504X-AF, 12508X-AF, 12512X-AF and S12516X-AF, which meet various port density and performance requirements. The S12500 switch series can work with H3C routers, switches, security devices, IMC, and H3Cloud to provide a wide variety solutions

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