• Overview of intelligent Management Centre

    H3C intelligent Management Center (iMC) is a standalone, comprehensive management solution that delivers integrated, modular management capabilities across Cloud and data centre, end-user management, campus network, and wireless management.

    iMC is designed on a service-oriented architecture (SOA) using a business application flow model as its core to allow the management of resources, services, and users to be fully integrated. This software enables an enterprise business to grow its management in scale and seamlessly accommodate new technologies. With its SOA, IMC is capable of incorporating additional modules to its base platform to provide deeper functionality.

    iMC supports the management of H3C and third-party devices and is compatible with Microsoft® Windows® and Linux operating systems.

    • Highly flexible and scalable deployment
    • Powerful administration control
    • Rich resource management
    • Detailed performance monitoring and management
    • Flexible centralized reporting

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    Simple, automated and proactive

    H3C Intelligent Management Center (IMC) delivers comprehensive management for a unified network across fault, configuration, accounting, performance and security needs. IMC transforms today’s static network to a dynamically managed, agile network to deliver greater business efficiency.

    IMC is a comprehensive management platform that delivers:

    • Drives proactive management for heterogeneous networks
    • Simplifies management by converting meaningless network data to actionable information
    • Automates and orchestrates networks to enable greater business agility

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    H3C Full Series intelligent Management Centre

    Intelligent Analysis Report Component

    Voice Service Manager Component

    MPLS VPN Manager Component

    IPSec VPN Manager

    User Access Manager Component

    ACL Manager Component

    End User Admission Domination Component

    Network Traffic Analysis Component

    Qos Manager Component

    Wireless Service Manager Component

    CAMS Component