H3C products involve various technologies. To facilitate your understanding , the following lists relevant categories of technologies. Select a category to further locate information you are looking for.
H3C Comware software platform, based on the IPv4/IPv6 protocol suite and integrated with the link layer protocols, and technologies of Ethernet switching, MPLS, VPN, QoS, voice, and security, is a leading network operating system.


Open Application Architecture(OAA), presented by H3C, is an open software and hardware architecture based on the Commware software platform. It makes it possible that all vendors can perform on the same stage. NQA, Automatic Configuration, RMON, SNMP, File System Management, Information Center, HTTP, Cluster Management, and others.


DCC, Dynamic Route Backup, Frame Relay, PPP, POS Interface, CPOS Interface, Fast Forwarding, HDLC, MODEM, WAN Interface, ATM, ATM&DSL, DLSw, LAPB&X.25, ISDN, and others.


MAC Address Table Management, Bridge, RPR, Ethernet OAM, Connectivity Fault Detection, Link Aggregation, Port Mirroring, GVRP, QinQ, BPDU TUNNEL, MSTP, RRPP, VLAN, Port Isolation, and others. ARP, URPF, DHCP, DNS, IPv6 Basics, IP Addressing, UDP Helper, NAT-PT, Tunneling, IP Accounting, NetStream, NTP, and others.


Quality of Service SSH, SSL, GRE, L2TP, 802.1x, AAA RADIUS HWTACACS, Firewall, PKI, Portal, NAT, IPSec, HABP, SmartOn, Password Control, Port Secutity, ACL, and others. IP Routing Overview, BFD, IS-IS, RIP, OSPF, Static Routing, BGP, IPv6 BGP, Routing Policy, and others. Multicast Overview, Multicast Routing and Forwarding, IGMP Snooping&MLD Snooping, IGMP&MLD, PIM, MSDP, Multicast VLAN, and others. MPLS Basics, MPLS L2VPN, MPLS L3VPN, VPLS, MPLS TE, and others. Voice Overview, VoIP, Dial Plan, E1 and T1, IP Fax, H.323, SIP, VoFR, and others. GR, Backup Center, HA, VRRP, and others.


Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) is a software virtualization technology developed by H3C. IRF combines multiple physical devices into a logical device. The Comware software platform provides advanced WLAN functions, including refined user management and access control, flexible security mechanisms, fast roaming, radio resource management, and end-to-end QoS.


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