H3C New IT Smart Service

Accompanied by the development of cloud computing, big data, mobile IT, Internet of Things and security, the new-generation integrated IT is forming and IT operation maintenance and service will see huge changes in mode, content and methods. Meanwhile, with the deep integration of the service and the IT infrastructure, enterprises are raising their expectations and placing higher requirements on the new IT service. As a leader in the new IT infrastructure, H3C adheres closely to user demands and offers total solutions and individualized service solutions in the field, while helping users create more IT values.

Intellisense on Demand. The H3C new IT smart service solution employs smart tools and references best service practices in different sectors to achieve intellisense in service targets, IT infrastructure, service maturity, and provides customized service solutions that are faster, more accurate and highly foreseeable. Through lifecycle customized services including consultation, integration, custom development, automatic operation maintenance and training & education, plus scenario-based solutions for data centers, cloud-computing and others, it enables users to have sustainable service innovations.

Smart Service Product Family:

Basic services: product maintenance, engineering, premium product service and Inside

Operation maintenance optimization services: smart operation maintenance management, smart maintenance support, smart remote operation maintenance, smart operation maintenance tools, and a smart optimization service

Planning and design consultancy services: new-generation data center network architecture design, WAN and Core Network architecture design and intelligent campus network architecture design

Cloud-computing services: cloud-computing deployment, cloud-computing technical support, cloud operation maintenance, cloud software customized development, and cloud-based professional service

Software customized development services: iMC and customized development

WiFi network professional services: WiFi network planning, design and simulation, WiFi network deployment monitoring, WiFi network evaluation optimization, convention and exhibition WiFi value-added service solutions, rail transit WiFi service solutions, etc.

Security professional services: grade protection compliance consulting, security technical services and information security risk evaluation

Training services: standard product training, management training, certification training, customized training and lab service solution